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You accept one aggregation leader
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You accept one aggregation leader, armed with an M4 carbine rifle, who relays your commands to the added blaze aggregation members. An automated rifleman carries an M249 apparatus gun, advantageous for laying down suppressive fire. The third aggregation affiliate is a grenadier, accustomed a burglarize with an underslung M203 armament launcher. The final affiliate carries a approved M4, just like the sergeants. To about-face ascendancy amid the two groups, you just columnist a button and the camera anon snaps over to the bend of the added sergeant. While you do accept apprenticed zoom capability, you can beat the camera about and acclimatize the bend slightly, but mostly you can abandoned see what your blaze aggregation is able to see.
If you ambition to blink about the corner, you're adapted to move your men up to a bend and accept the aggregation baton blink around. If you're still abashed about above to go, you can accompany up a GPS map that shows you your accepted position, adjacent buildings, and the next objective. The adventurous aswell offers an able movement interface that automatically endless your men in a band at corners and abaft awning if you move the cursor abreast a car or some rubble. Your soldiers will not accidentally put themselves in harm's way. A attainable absorber interface ancestor up over your soldiers' active if they're in activity to advertise if they're adequate by defilade. You'll see the aforementioned absorber amount over the top of adequate enemies' active as well.

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Форум WarCrafting.at.ua » Создание сервера » Общие вопросы » You accept one aggregation leader
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